Blog Tour: King of Fools by Amanda Foody (Interview + Giveaway!)

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Blog Tour: King of Fools by Amanda Foody (Interview + Giveaway!)

Happy Friday and welcome to my stop on the King of Fools blog tour! Today’s post is an interview with author Amanda Foody plus a giveaway!! Enjoy!

Blog Tour: King of Fools by Amanda Foody (Interview + Giveaway!)King of Fools by Amanda Foody
Series: The Shadow Game #2
Published on April 30, 2019 by Inkyard Press
Genres: YA, Fantasy
Pages: 384
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Indulge your vices in the City of Sin, where a sinister street war is brewing and fame is the deadliest killer of them all...

On the quest to find her missing mother, prim and proper Enne Salta became reluctant allies with Levi Glaisyer, the city’s most famous con man. Saving his life in the Shadow Game forced Enne to assume the identity of Seance, a mysterious underworld figure. Now, with the Chancellor of the Republic dead and bounties on both their heads, she and Levi must play a dangerous game of crime and politics…with the very fate of New Reynes at stake.

Thirsting for his freedom and the chance to build an empire, Levi enters an unlikely partnership with Vianca Augustine’s estranged son. Meanwhile, Enne remains trapped by the mafia donna’s binding oath, playing the roles of both darling lady and cunning street lord, unsure which side of herself reflects the truth.

As Enne and Levi walk a path of unimaginable wealth and opportunity, new relationships and deadly secrets could quickly lead them into ruin. And when unforeseen players enter the game, they must each make an impossible choice: To sacrifice everything they’ve earned in order to survive...

Or die as legends.

Interview with Amanda

What inspired you to write this story?

Since King of Fools is a sequel to Ace of Shades, much of this story just felt like a natural progression from Ace. In Ace, we have two characters, Enne and Levi, who come together to search for Enne’s missing mother in the City of Sin. King is the consequence of Ace. It’s what happens after these two teenagers survive this thing no one has ever survived, a sort of “shot heard round the world.” Suddenly, they’re waking up to their faces on wanted posters across the city. Their friends are also having their lives torn apart. Levi has always wanted to be a legend like the old street lords he holds up as idols, but now he’s finally living it. In this book, we have Levi achieving his dream like he always knew he would, Jac achieving the dream he didn’t think he could have, and Enne becoming the furthest thing from her only dream.

I used this dream and ambition theme to frame the entire book. It’s why Enne and Jac both being their stories with waking up from dreams. It’s why Levi’s last line in Ace of Shades was “He dreamed of being king.”

Do you have any deleted scenes from King of Fools you can share with us?

I do! But a whole deleted scene seems like a big thing to share here. I’m sure I will share some at some point! I had to delete a lot of fun bits toward the end to cut down on the page count, and so there are some particular delightful bits in my earlier versions.

Who is your favorite character from this book and why?

Vianca Augustine was a truly fascinating character to write about. She’s my twisted take on the phrase “strong female character.” I have always side-eyed this phrase, because it’s only ever meant to write fully developed female characters yet has come to be attributed only to girls who wield swords, look down on more femme girls, or who are basically just embodiments of toxic masculinity. Vianca might not be a warrior, but she has a very large chip on her shoulder from a lifetime of trying to fit into her father’s shoes in running the Augustine mafia. She’s this awful, despicable person, but she’s also the epitome of what the phrase “strong female character” seems to idolize.

What would you do if you spent the day with the main characters from King of Fools? Where would you go to eat, hang out, relax, etc.?

Oh, wow, I’d probably just take them all to therapy. Maybe if I hung out with them before the events of this series, Levi could give me a tour of gambling dens in the North Side, and Enne can take me to her favorite bakery in Bellamy. Jac’s story before the series is arguably more depressing than the events during the series, so maybe when all this is over, we can hang out somewhere very peaceful and far from the City of Sin.

What would your characters favorite books be and why?

Enne would definitely be an Austen fan. Jac cannot read, so not sure he’d get one. LOL Levi would probably like The Godfather, or some fake deep book that he imagines makes himself look Very Smart.

About the Author

Amanda Foody has always considered imagination to be our best attempt at magic. After spending her childhood longing to attend Hogwarts, she now loves to write about immersive settings and characters grappling with insurmountable destinies. She holds a Masters in Accountancy from Villanova University,and a Bachelors of Arts in English Literature from the College of William and Mary. Currently, she lives in Philadelphia, PA, surrounded by her many siblings and many books. Her books include DAUGHTER OF THE BURNING CITY and ACE OF SHADES. The next installment of THE SHADOW GAME TRILOGY, KING OF FOOLS, releases on April 30, 2019.


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