Blog Tour: In Deeper Waters by F.T. Lukens (Interview + Giveaway!)

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Blog Tour: In Deeper Waters by F.T. Lukens (Interview + Giveaway!)

Happy Wednesday and welcome to my stop on the IN DEEPER WATERS blog tour! I’m so excited because today I have an interview with F.T. Lukens to share with you! This book is truly amazing and I’m so so excited to for you to find out more about it, PLUS enter for a chance to win a print copy!

Blog Tour: In Deeper Waters by F.T. Lukens (Interview + Giveaway!)In Deeper Waters by F.T. Lukens
Published on April 20, 2021 by Margaret K. McElderry Books
Genres: Fantasy, Historical Fiction, YA, Queer
Pages: 320
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A young prince must rely on a mysterious stranger to save him when he is kidnapped during his coming-of-age tour in this swoony adventure that is The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue meets Pirates of the Caribbean.
Prince Tal has long awaited his coming-of-age tour. After spending most of his life cloistered behind palace walls as he learns to keep his forbidden magic secret, he can finally see his family’s kingdom for the first time. His first taste of adventure comes just two days into the journey, when their crew discovers a mysterious prisoner on a burning derelict vessel.
Tasked with watching over the prisoner, Tal is surprised to feel an intense connection with the roguish Athlen. So when Athlen leaps overboard and disappears, Tal feels responsible and heartbroken, knowing Athlen could not have survived in the open ocean.
That is, until Tal runs into Athlen days later on dry land, very much alive, and as charming—and secretive—as ever. But before they can pursue anything further, Tal is kidnapped by pirates and held ransom in a plot to reveal his rumored powers and instigate a war. Tal must escape if he hopes to save his family and the kingdom. And Athlen might just be his only hope…

What would you do if you spent the day with Tal? Where would you go to eat, hang out, relax, etc.?

It definitely would not be on a boat. In the opening pages of In Deeper Waters, the reader finds Tal throwing up over the side of his brother’s ship. He’s not quite a fan of being on the water. So, wherever we went, it would be on land. Tal would be most comfortable hanging out in his family’s castle or the village outside of the keep. I would love to meet Tal’s siblings as well since I think they would be fun to be around.

If Tal were to hang out with characters from other books, who would they be and why?

I think Tal would get along well with Nedra from Give the Dark My Love by Beth Revis. They both have powers that are deemed questionable and dangerous. They also both struggle with darkness and societal expectations and they both have deep connections to their siblings so I think they would have plenty to bond over and talk about in those regards. I think Tal would also get along with Bridger from The Rules and Regulations for Mediating Myths & Magic. Both have to keep pretty big secrets regarding magic, and both have love interests that are hiding a connection to another world.

Would you rather be a superhero or a supervillain? And what would your powers and name be?

Neither to be honest. I’d like to be the plucky comic relief/sidekick. Being a superhero or supervillain sounds exhausting and I don’t think I have the moral fortitude to be a superhero or the darkness and ill will to be a villain. To take an example from recent pop culture, in WandaVision, I’d be Darcy Lewis. That’s my lane, for sure.

What is your favorite piece of research you ended up not using?

I did so much research about the age of sail and the structure of ships and tides, currents, etc. Some of it ended up in the novel, but not nearly as much as I researched and at the level of detail. I looked at a lot of diagrams of ships and used those to plan the action aboard the different vessels the main characters sailed. I also researched naval warfare tactics. Not much of that fun stuff was used in the book but that doesn’t mean it won’t be used at a later date!

What is your favorite quote, scene, or moment from in deeper waters?

I don’t want to spoil anything but there is a scene at the very end of the novel that is my favorite. Hint – it involves a beach, magic, and a kiss. Other than that, there are several scenes between Tal and his siblings that I love. His two older brothers and his older sister remind me a lot of the relationship I have with my siblings and some of these scenes are very special to me.

About F.T. Lukens

F.T. Lukens is an award-winning author of Young Adult fiction. A sci fi enthusiast, F.T. loves Star Wars and Star Trek and is a longtime member of their college’s science-fiction club. F.T. holds degrees in Psychology and English Literature and has a love of cheesy television shows, superhero movies, and writing. F.T. lives in North Carolina with their spouse, three kids, three dogs, and three cats.

Enter here for a chance to win a print copy of IN DEEPER WATERS by F.T. Lukens!

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What do you think about In Deeper Waters? Have you added it to your tbr yet? Let me know in the comments and have a splendiferous day!

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