Blog Tour: Absolution by Rachelle Storm (Excerpt + Q&A + Bookstagram + Giveaway!)

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Blog Tour: Absolution by Rachelle Storm (Excerpt + Q&A + Bookstagram + Giveaway!)

Happy Thursday and welcome to my stop on the blog tour for ABSOLUTION by Rachelle Storm! I’m so excited because today I have an excerpt of the book AND a Q&A AND a #bookstagram to share with you! This book is truly amazing and I’m so excited to for you to find out more about it, PLUS enter for a chance to win a print copy!

Blog Tour: Absolution by Rachelle Storm (Excerpt + Q&A + Bookstagram + Giveaway!)Absolution by Rachelle Storm
Series: Absolution #1
Published on July 24, 2021 by Self published
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, YA, Romance
Pages: 371
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Chris Harris's destiny was bestowed on him before birth, just as it was on his two brothers, John and Randy. Not human but the physical embodiment of elemental water, earth, and fire, they've been burdened with protecting Earth and freeing the world from the Ultimate Evil. However, unlike their elemental forms, their human selves have desires of their own. After being hidden away in the remote town of Anderson, North Dakota, Chris and his two brothers hoped that their problems would end, but they've only just begun. Now their individual destinies are intertwined with the unpredictable McNamara sisters, Joanie, Victoria, and Stacie, and the Ultimate Evil is drawing ever nearer. Forced to choose love or duty, regardless of their decisions, nothing will ever be the same.

How did you get started?

I first started writing when I was 17 years old and eventually got into fanfiction. I loved playing in those universes. It gave me the courage to play more with the characters in my head too. I started writing Absolution: Book One in 2010 when I was merely 23 years old. That seems like forever ago, but I never had the courage to publish it. It has been edited and changed quite a bit over the years based on my experiences and growth as a human. I write because I always have ideas playing out in my head and writing allows me to get them down on paper.

What part of being an author do you enjoy the most? 

I enjoy the escapism and being able to contribute new stories to my audience so that they can get lost in a safe space. I essentially spent my early 20s in the mainstream YA push and have embraced so many great fandoms because of it. I’ve realized that while fandoms are still a thing, book fandoms are not as talked about in the mainstream as before. I want to contribute to reminding my generation and younger ones that book fandoms are still amazing to be a part of as a reader.

How would your friends and family describe your personality? 

Witty, Funny, Ambitious, a Leo, and I am a bit of a smartass at times…okay…all of the time. I love to challenge myself to conquer a new goal and work on a new project. I am determined and constantly reflecting in order to grow as a human. Did I mention I am a smartass?

What do you like to do when you’re not writing? 

I love learning and teaching about writing, music, popular culture, and the way language connects us as human beings. Contributing to society in the form of sharing knowledge and information is really important to me. I also love a good music festival and am in love with alternative/rock music. I wrote my entire thesis and dissertation about music, mainly Muse.

What’s your Favorite song?

“Map of the Problematique” by Muse, it inspired the first chapter of the novel. Check out the playlist page for more information on songs that inspired and motivated me while writing.

“Alright, I played along, so what do you need to tell me?” Chris took in a deep breath to still his nerves. He wrapped his arms securely around her waist and gazed into her eyes. 

“I know how I behaved earlier was more than inappropriate. I promise never to treat you that way again. The truth is that I left with them because I did not want my brother to cause a scene. Randy is not the most open-minded person to new ideas. My love for you is not supposed to exist. It is a forbidden emotion in his eyes and I needed to get him away so I could explain to him and Dominic what was happening.” 

“I don’t understand what you mean by forbidden. Chris, you are an adult and it confuses me how much power Dominic has over you. Are you in some sort of cult or something?” He could not help but laugh at the question.

“A cult, really, tesoro,” he chuckled and she huffed.

“Well, what else am I supposed to think? This guy you never really see can waltz into your life and dictate your every move. You grew up extremely sheltered and were deprived of a lot of experiences many people get to have. The way you talk and act shows me that you definitely did not go to public school and you have all these secrets that seem to keep you separated from the rest of the world. Sorry, but it kind of screams cult.” Chris was about to argue, but he slowly nodded as he remembered all he read about cults and religious leaders throughout history who claimed to be prophets and chosen ones.

“Hmm, I suppose I can see how it would look from your perspective,” he conceded.

“Yep, pretty culty,” she assured.

“My brothers and I are not in a cult. I understand why you have such a negative impression of Dominic, but it is not like that. It does not matter anymore, though, because he no longer is in charge of my actions. You are right. I am an adult and can take care of myself. It just took us both some time to realize that.”

“Because he is your cult leader,” she asked as a teasing smile crept onto her lips and he shook his head in amusement.

“No, because he is my Guardian,” he confessed and Joanie shrugged.

“I know he is your father, but…”

“No, he is a Guardian. They are a Brotherhood sworn to protect the three saviors of the world,” he confessed and she giggled as she shook her head.

“Saviors, what are you talking about?” He looked down and took in a deep breath as he braced himself for her reaction.

“Joanie, I am different and I do not mean in the way that you are different from other humans. I mean that I am not human,” he revealed and she took a step back from him as she eyed him cautiously.

“Why are you talking like this? I just want to know why you were acting like a jerk earlier and instead you tell me lies about not being human?” 

“I would not lie to you. I refuse to lie anymore. I will show you,” he said as he held out his hand and her eyes widened when a blue light appeared in his hand. The light glowed from the edges of his hand and flowed through his fingertips like some sort of energy she had never seen. 

“I am an Element,” he confessed. A sphere of water appeared and swirled around his palm. Her jaw dropped and she was stunned speechless as he continued.

“My brothers and I are immortals. We each can create and manipulate a natural element. I can create water, John creates earth, and Randy creates fire. We were born to save the world and create Absolution. We are destined to save humans from evil and corruption,” he explained, but the beautiful hazel irises he loved were now full of fear. She stepped away from him.

“What are you,” she asked as tears filled her eyes. He tried to take her hand in his, but she jerked away from him.

Excerpted from Absolution by Rachelle Storm. Copyright © 2021 Rachelle Storm. Reprinted with permission from Rachelle Storm. All rights reserved.

About Rachelle Storm

Rachelle Storm has been a fandom geek since its earliest
beginnings and never stopped. A Black scholar holding a doctoral
degree in Writing Studies, she researches rhetoric, music, and
popular culture. In truth, Rachelle never isn’t writing or sharing her
knowledge with her fans. However, on the off-chance she isn't
working or experimenting with paper and ink, you can find her at
music festivals and independent bookstores.

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What do you think about Absolution? Have you added it to your tbr yet? Let me know in the comments and have a splendiferous day!

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