Mini Challenge: Vague Recollections | October 26, 2019

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Welcome to my mini-challenge!

Congratulations to Elley at Elley the Book Otter!

I had so much fun hosting this challenge last year that I’m back with it again! If you want to read the story of how I came up with this idea, keep reading! Otherwise, turn to page 24 go down to where it says Part One and follow the instructions!

Fun fact: I work at a library. Technically, I work in the Children’s Room at a fairly large library. We frequently have patrons come in and ask about “that book, you know, where the main character did stuff and the cover was red, I think? Or maybe blue?” Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love helping people finding what they’re looking for, and decoding an extremely vague description like that -and finding the right book!- is an amazing feeling. And today you get to feel like that too!

This challenge will have two parts. For Part One, please leave a comment describing the book you’re currently reading (or your favorite book, or the book next to you, etc.) as vaguely as possible. Describe the cover if you like, or some plot points, or maybe just tell me what you think it’s called (even if you’re totally wrong). Try and be as vague as possible. Bonus bragging points for anyone who describes a popular book that stumps people. Here are a few examples to show you what I mean:

Example 1: You know, it’s that book with the people and stuff. There’s a school, and friends, and a necklace. I think the cover has a girl on it?

Example 2: I have a lot of friends who liked this book and I want to read it, too. I think there was a mountain or like a volcano or something? And they talked about food a lot. Sometimes there was dancing, or maybe just singing.

Example 3: I swear this was a movie or a tv show or… something? Something about a play, and there were those people that were in love maybe? The cover was definitely red. I think.

Click on the spoiler for the answer to the examples!

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For Part Two, please comment on someone else’s description with what you think the book is. See how many you can get right and remember to have fun!

PLEASE don’t freak out if you don’t see your comment right away. I have to approve all of them before they appear, and I will get to them as soon as I can, but I may be, you know, reading! So please only submit the comment once, and if you don’t see it show up after, say, an hour, then resubmit! Thank you!

Complete Part One AND Part Two between 8am EST on October 26 and 8am EST on October 27 for a chance to win a $10 gift card to Amazon!

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92 responses to “Mini Challenge: Vague Recollections | October 26, 2019

  1. Kami

    I just started reading this book for the first time. It’s a book with a guy and a woman. There are keys on the cover.

  2. Janet Goodell

    It’s got a weird pink flower on it and a bunch of Australian women with problems. No–not Big Little Lies, but like that.

  3. It’s a retelling of that one fairy tale, you know, the one with the princess? And I think a prince maybe? Only it’s about on of the side characters. I think the cover has a bunch of broken glass?

  4. Samanta

    The author of this book is very famous, Japanese or something like that. There is a mention of a day in the title, I think. Apparently they made a movie out of it. Haven’t seen it so I’m not sure.

  5. Amy Massengill

    It’s a popular YA novel, but it’s kinda old. And it’s short. They made it into a movie – I think Hermione stars in it?

  6. This is a classic novel. I think some guy was mad about his friends doing something rude, but then he glammed up and showed them all in the end. Maybe there was something about a sandwhich?

  7. tarin

    A new book, I think the author is a Duke or something. There’s a kid in a house with other kids I think.

  8. So I just finished this short story, it’s usually a good one for Halloween, people usually bring it up around now. I think the guy wrote another couple of short so ties that are pretty popular too. But the one I read was a creepy old one, I think it had a name of a place in it?

        • Jules Q. @phreneticmind

          I only got this because I’ve been thinking of it A LOT lately. I was at Disney World last month and the headless horseman opens the Halloween parade, which got me to thinking that I really should reread the story after all these years. Your clue was fortuitous timing! (For me, anyway) 😄

  9. Susan P

    It’s got a villain who isn’t exactly a villain and his new sidekick who can change shapes and lots and lots of pictures.

  10. Jules Q. @phreneticmind

    I’m thinking of a new book that might not be out yet but was written by a woman. She wrote another book that was really popular but most people either love it or hate it. The first book was about a long-distance romance but the new book might be about a sailor?

      • Jules Q

        Yes! I wasn’t sure anyone would comment! Yay!!!

        And I have zero idea what the book is actually about because I’m so excited for it and don’t want to spoil anything for myself. The Night Circus immediately became a Top 5 of all time for me, and I read it completely “blind” to the story. So I’m giving The Starless Sea Room to surprise me, too.

        Long answer to a short comment. 😂

  11. Mel

    It’s about a detective who doesn’t do a very good of detective and mainly just bobs around hoping he’ll end up in the right place
    Mel recently posted…i just read your beautiful boy review, and it was amazingly written! as someone with an eating disorder, i too, could relate to the film. i saw it with my mom, and she could relate to it as well, as a parent to someone with an addiction. the movie is truly incredible, the emotions are so, so raw and realMy Profile

  12. Kristina Reid

    Well, there are these accidents. Or maybe it’s murder. I think it might just be all in her head though cause clearly she is seeing things too. And what’s up with the Octopus tails?!

  13. Sammantha H

    It has a god and a girl who go to camp in California and have to save it from an evil dead king.

  14. Cori Holmberg

    I think it’s a YA novel written by the guy whose last name I think is a color in the rainbow. Anyway, it’s got a reptile in the title and it’s about some weird chick who tried to solve her rich boyfriend’s dad’s disappearance. I don’t remember but I think she freaked out when they first kissed- something about germs.

  15. A book about a prince and a normal girl who fall in love. I don’t think the kingdom is real, but kinda based on real kingdoms. It’s not old-timey; more modern. I believe there might be a dress on the cover.

  16. Dev

    Oh my God, the first time I read the book, it freaked me out! I had to read it during the day, stop at points and pray, and in general, remember it was fiction. The first time I heard about it, it was a movie, and the water cooler talk had me believing I was culturally-illiterate. I believe in reading books before seeing the movies, but the book freaked me out so much, I opted against the visual version. But if you want to see it, I think it came out a couple of years ago. The book and the movie have the same title, but I can not remember what that title is…

  17. Ann Cox

    It’s got a weird little girl, and her parents make a reality show. It’s kind of like The Exorcist but it’s not that.

    • Jules Q

      I have no idea what book this is but “there’s a dude with omelettes” is the greatest description I’ve ever seen. 😂😂😂

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