Mini Challenge: Vague Recollections | October 20, 2018

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Welcome to my mini-challenge!

UPDATE: Congrats to Rachelle at Fortified By Books

I had so much fun hosting this challenge back in April that I’m back with it again! If you want to read the story of how I came up with this idea, keep reading! Otherwise, turn to page 24 go down to where it says Part One and follow the instructions!

Fun fact: I work at a library. Technically, I work in the Children’s Room at a fairly large library. We frequently have patrons come in and ask about “that book, you know, where the main character did stuff and the cover was red, I think? Or maybe blue?” Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love helping people finding what they’re looking for, and decoding an extremely vague description like that -and finding the right book!- is an amazing feeling. And today you get to feel like that too!

This challenge will have two parts. For Part One, please leave a comment describing the book you’re currently reading (or your favorite book, or the book next to you, etc.) as vaguely as possible. Describe the cover if you like, or some plot points, or maybe just tell me what you think it’s called (even if you’re totally wrong). Try and be as vague as possible. Bonus bragging points for anyone who describes a popular book that stumps people. Here are a few examples to show you what I mean:

Example 1: You know, it’s that book with the people and stuff. There’s a school, and friends, and a necklace. I think the cover has a girl on it?

Example 2: I have a lot of friends who liked this book and I want to read it, too. I think there was a mountain or like a volcano or something? And they talked about food a lot. Sometimes there was dancing, or maybe just singing.

Example 3: I swear this was a movie or a tv show or… something? Something about a play, and there were those people that were in love maybe? The cover was definitely red. I think.

Click on the spoiler for the answer to the examples!

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For Part Two, please comment on someone else’s description with what you think the book is. See how many you can get right and remember to have fun!

Complete Part One AND Part Two between 8am EST on October 20 and 8am EST on October 21 for a chance to win a gift card to Amazon (or if Amazon doesn’t ship to you, Book Depository!)!

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174 responses to “Mini Challenge: Vague Recollections | October 20, 2018

  1. This book is a very popular series about a group of friends who have to fulfil a prophecy. There’s a few books in the series, I think more than 5? The covers have a girl on the cover.

  2. I’m reading that book about the boy who seems to be everywhere. This is the last we hear of him though. He skips all his classes to go hang with his mates in this one. They do some stuff.

  3. It’s the new book, maybe? in that series with that woman who is somewhere not in the United States. Europe, somewhere? Maybe, England but she moves around a lot in a cute little sports car so who knows where she is. She’s very smart. Also intuitive. And Empathetic. She has some people she works with. She helps people.

  4. I am looking for a certain book by this really popular writer, but I can’t remember her name…I seem to remember her name started with a P but I don’t know it that was her first or last name. It came out not too long ago I think. Anyways, it has a really pretty cover, all colorful and stuff. And I know a couple people get shot and it’s supposed to be really edge of your seat intense. Do you know which book I am talking about?

  5. Rebecca S

    Hi um, so I really want to read that book with the woman and she like maybe is pregnant or maybe isn’t and it’s kind of old but also I think it’s a TV show now on Netflix or the CW? Maybe she’s a prostitute?

    This is fun, I have a feeling I’m going to be soooo bad at guessing!

  6. Tami

    It’s brand new, by that girl with the bangs. I don’t know what it’s about but she always writes about mysterious houses, and I think there’s some hands on the cover.

  7. Jennifer

    I’m reading this book that’s pretty atmospheric and a little spooky. I think the cover has a house on it? I’m pretty sure it takes place in England and that the main character is a doctor!

  8. This one’s always fun, thanks for the challenge! My current read – it’s about this guy and he’s writing something and it’s in the present but also the past and there are a lot of dead people, but maybe they’re not dead?

  9. Rachel Noel

    It’s a graphic novel, well more of a compendium, but it’s definitely comics. They’re really cutesy about the author/artist and her boyfriend. And the author posts the originals on instagram, but I can’t remember her name so I can’t find the account so I can’t remember the book.

  10. Leni

    There’s this big book and it’s about a movie. And it’s been edited by this guy who keeps adding footnotes about his sex life. And it’s really badly formatted and probably not proofread at all, because some places they’ve even managed to put the text upside down.

  11. Irene

    This book is about something huge that shows up in New York. I don’t remember what it is. The book is new and centers around a girl and her friend. The cover is blue and bright green.

  12. It’s a love story I think. The girl is a bit different and lives in a house up in the sky? There are magical creatures too! It’s quite a long book.

  13. This is a book where someone gets laid off I think? There’s also weird stuff growing, and a club of supernatural creatures. I think there was someone on the cover.
    (This is my current read, btw.)

  14. James Dweck

    There’s this book – it has a ring, I’m pretty sure. And a bunch of people who are all doing something with the ring. And there’s a bunch of epic fighting and stuff. (One of my favorite books of all time!)

  15. I’m looking for this book that has to do with a witch, I think? I think the cover is white? Maybe it takes place during the winter or something like that? I’ve been looking for it everywhere because friends have told me it’s good, but I can’t remember the author’s name or the title.

  16. Jamie E.

    This book has people in it. And a car. There is a number in the title. And it seems to have something to do with a holiday….

  17. Elizabeth

    So, it’s this book by this woman who was trying to help this other woman win this thing, but they lost and it totally sucked.

  18. Romeo and Juliette ish, but in feudal Japan. With magic. It’s kinda Game of Thrones-esque. There’s a persecuted religious group. And a semi evil cult. I think there’s a cat involved and there’s like 4 or more books in the series.

  19. Dallas (Wicked Bookworm)

    Turns out deer have loads more political drama and epic questing than we all thought.

  20. There’s giant lizard like creatures and I think a princess? She’s kind of different. Like she picked the giant lizard like creatures, but her family’s okay with her being here because it could be her destiny.

  21. There’s giant lizard like creatures and I think a princess? She’s kind of different. Like she picked the giant lizard like creatures, but her family’s okay with her being here because it could be her destiny.

  22. Amy Massengill

    So, the cover is pretty. Mostly black, I think? And there’s a huge puzzle that everyone is trying to figure out. Maybe they die if they don’t figure it out? And people kiss.

  23. I’m a children’s librarian so I feel your pain!!

    So there is this girl and a vampire. It’s got a bunch of books in the series. I don’t remember what it’s called…

  24. Brooke

    There’s definitely magic – or something magic-esque? And animal people. Or talking animals. Maybe both? And a girl possessed by an evil spirit, or a demon, or, like, an alien monster thing, and she’s trying to get rid of it. Or control it. Or maybe just figure out what it is, totally not sure. And for some reason everything looks very Art Deco.

  25. Tara Colaruotolo

    This book is a mystery by a decently popular author. It has a blueish green cover with water involved. Someone goes missing but no one believes the protagonist. Everyone likes to drink and keep secrets.

  26. It’s a very popular book. You go in thinking it’ll be a fun adventure, but actually the protagonist is going through internal struggles regarding two close relationships in his life, one of which comes with a hardcore trigger warning.

  27. It’s part of a series. Pretty people on cover in stereotypical lusty romance pose. I’m 8 chapters in and so far all the MCs do is have sex with each other, think about having sex with each other, and pretend that they hate each other. Throw in some tension between their families because why not? That’s the whole plot ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  28. Jordan McBride

    It’s a murder mystery. Girls are being killed. There’s a reporter involved, but I think someone in her family might have done it. I don’t know though because I haven’t finished it yet and I had to check it back in at the library. Please help me find it. I think the cover was green and had girls on it.

  29. There is a possible serial killer loose. Girls are being killed. I think the reporter’s mom or sister did it. I need to get it back from the library to finish though to see who did it. I think it was green.

  30. Jules Q. @phreneticmind

    It’s an old book about a man who starts to rethink his life after meeting a girl who seems really weird but speaks the truth against The Way Things Are. And his wife is an addict. The girl just disappears halfway through the story, and the man becomes very subversive. It’s a lot better than the book jacket would have you believe.

  31. Meliane

    It’s this book series where this dude has sone sort of oral fixation but only eats one kind of food. A red fruit maybe? Idk it’s weird with cults and egg and shit.

  32. Marisa Bernardo

    Hey so I’m looking for a book but I can’t remember the name of the author or the book LOL silly me. It’s got a beige cover with a red spine and it’s about an old man who gets some life lessons? or something? Anyways, can you help me out?

  33. Lily

    There’s two brothers, one of them is reaaaaaally short and short-tempered and the other one is a huge clump of metal.

  34. The cover was shiny and sort of colourful and I’m pretty sure there was a girl too. The story was something about space and NASA and this young girl stuck…

  35. Sara

    You know the third book of that series about a PI who is also a wizard? He’s always getting into supernatural shenanigans. I’m really enjoying the audiobook version narrated by that bleach blonde guy…I think he was on Buffy?

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