Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon: Updates and Mini-Challenges | October 20, 2018

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Happy Readathon Day!

I don’t know about you, but I look forward to Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathons as much as (or more than) I look forward to other holidays now. Despite the fact that I had my day all planned, I slept through my alarms and the first three hours of Readathon this morning. Oops. I also hadn’t (still haven’t, as of the writing of this post) finished the book I started earlier this week that I fully intended on finishing by Friday night. So my Readathon TBR hasn’t even been touched yet. But! I have been reading for quite a bit of today, and I’m going to try (and probably fail, but still going to try) to stay up until the end of Hour 24, which I’ve never made it to before. I’ve already taken a nice two mile walk, and soon I’m going to go to the store for some caffeine and snacks (the problem with trying to eat healthier is that all we have right now are healthy snacks and I just want salty junk food). So! Some updates.

Books Read

As of 6:26pm:

Toil & Trouble edited by Jessica Spotswood and Tess Sharpe: Started the day at 36%, currently at 87%

Ms. Marvel Volumes 1-9: Haven’t started yet

As of 11:55pm:

Finished Toil & Trouble

Decided to save Ms. Marvel for later

Started Not If I Save You First by Ally Carter, currently at 36% and loving it.

General Updates

Uh…. I put most of my updates from this morning/everything before 6:30 in the paragraph above books read. Oops? Guess I’ll update this later.

11:55pm: Finished Toil & Trouble, went to the store, got caffeine, dinner and salty snacks. Started the audiobook of Not If I Save You First while I was eating dinner, then switched over to the ebook. I’m loving this book, it’s like Gallagher Girls and Amazing Grace combined! Haven’t done the rest of the mini challenges yet. Starting to get tired.


Title Haiku: I love this! I posted my picture to instagram here: https://goo.gl/Em8UzE

Draw It Out: This is my attempt to draw Logan giving Madi the charm bracelet in Not If I Save You First:

it’s horrible and I’m sorry

Modern Classics: I’m going to go with the obvious first and say Harry Potter, but I also hope books like The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas and Simon Vs. the Homosapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli are classics 100 years from now!

Book and a Snack: This one is instagrammed here: Never got around to this one. Oops!

Seasons to Read: I will update this in a few minutes, but right now I just want to get this posted! (although I will say that it has resulted in Seasons of Love being stuck in my head.) Or this one. (but it’s a fantastic idea and I’ll probably do a follow up post on it at some point)

“Bad” Books: Wow. This is amazing. *insert laugh/cry emoji here* I have guesses for most of them, and I think I’m right about some, but not all of them. #1 I have no idea. #2 I think is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. #3 Twilight? #4 Eleanor and Park maybe? #5 The Rosie Project?? #6 Night by Elie Wiesel? #7 ??? #8 Anna Karenina? #9 I’m thinking it’s a kids book? #10 Lord of the Flies! #11 How to Eat Fried Worms maybe? #12 no clue #13 The Magicians I bet #14 The Walking Dead? #15 no idea. This was fun!

Halloween Story Swap: I’ll update this one before morning. And… I didn’t do this one either.

Vague Recollections: This one’s mine! You can find the post and all the information for it here!


And that’s it! I’ll keep updating this post until I go to sleep, so stay tuned for more info!

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