Blog Tour: Game On! edited by Laura Silverman (Interview!)

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Blog Tour: Game On! edited by Laura Silverman (Interview!)

Happy Sunday and welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Game On! I’m so excited because today I have an interview with Laura Silverman to share with you! This book is truly amazing and I’m so excited to for you to find out more about it!

Blog Tour: Game On! edited by Laura Silverman (Interview!)Game on: 15 Stories of Wins, Losses, and Everything in Between by Laura Silverman
Published on January 18, 2022 by Viking Books for Young Readers
Genres: Anthology, Contemporary, YA
Pages: 448
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A charming and inclusive YA anthology all about games—from athletic sports to board games to virtual reality—from editor Laura Silverman and an all-star cast of contributors.
From the slightly fantastical to the utterly real, light and sweet romance to tales tinged with horror and thrills, Game On is an anthology that spans genre and style. But beneath each story is a loving ode to competition and games perfect for anyone who has ever played a sport or a board game, picked up a video game controller, or rolled a twenty-sided die.
A manhunt game is interrupted by a town disappearing beneath the players' eyes. A puzzle-filled scavenger hunt emboldens one college freshman to be brave with the boy she's crushing on. A series of summer nights full of card games leads a boy to fall for a boy who he knows is taken. And a spin the bottle game could end a life-long friendship.
Fifteen stories, and fifteen unforgettable experiences that may inspire readers to start up that Settlers of Catan game again.

What would you do if you spent the day with your characters from Game On? Where would you go to eat, hang out, relax, etc.?

The main character in my short story loves board games. Unfortunately, she has to deal with a sexist interaction at a board game shop. I based this off of a bad interaction I had at a gaming store two years ago. But there’s a wonderful and inclusive board game shop in my Brooklyn neighborhood. I’d love to play board games and drink tea with my characters there! If you live in Brooklyn, I definitely recommend checking out Sip N’ Play!

If your characters from Game On were to hang out with characters from other books, who would they be and why?

Ooh! Interesting question. I could see them really getting along with the characters in Nina Moreno’s anthology story. She Could Be A Farmer is the sweetest f/f romance inspired by games like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing. 

If there was one fictional place you could travel to for a day, where would it be and why?

Middle Earth seems gorgeous, but would I survive there? Probably not!

If you buried a time capsule with three items inside, what three items would you choose and why?

A photo with my family, one of my notebooks with story ideas scribbled inside, and probably a bag of my favorite sour candy. 

What was your favorite bit of research you ended up not using?

I actually didn’t have to do much research for my story since it was based on a real-life experience. My main character Alexis has to deal with a sexist interaction at a gaming shop just like I did. Except in the story, her boyfriend reacts badly to the situation, and she has to grapple with the situation and her feelings for him. Thankfully in real life, my boyfriend reacted well to the situation!

What is your favorite quote, scene, or moment from your story in Game On?

“I don’t want my voice to sound weak and wobbly, because that can be used against me. Women are deemed irrational if they dare to show emotion. The weight from our words is stolen.”

About Laura Silverman

Laura Silverman is an author and freelance editor and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. She earned her MFA in Writing for Children at the New School. Her books include Girl Out of Water, You Asked for Perfect, It’s a Whole Spiel, Recommended for You, Up All Night, and the upcoming Game On. Girl Out of Water was a Junior Library Guild Selection, and You Asked for Perfect was named to best teen fiction lists by YALSA, Chicago Public Library, and the Georgia Center for the Book.

What do you think about Game On? Have you added it to your tbr yet? Let me know in the comments and have a splendiferous day!

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