Top Ten Tuesday | April 2, 2019

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Happy Tuesday!

Top Ten Tuesday is a Bookish Meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, and this week’s theme is Things That Make Me Pick Up a Book!

Have you ever taken the time to think about what makes you want to pick up a book? For the purpose of this discussion, I’m considering things that make me want to pick up and hold books at stores, add books to my Goodreads shelves, and frantically search for more information after reading the weekly rights report at Publisher’s Weekly. The first two items on my list are 100% in the right order, but after that it really depends on the day for what exactly grabbed my attention.

I love book covers. They are 100% the first thing I notice about books in stores and on Goodreads. I always talk about the cover when I’m reviewing a book, because to me what the cover looks like is how I can tell not only what the book is about (hopefully), but also what age group/genre it’s written for.

If I see Ally Carter or Kiersten White is publishing a new book, I’m going to get my hands on it. Sometimes books that don’t have a super grabby summary will get me with an author, or sometimes I’ll just browse through the sections where I know I’ll find good books because it’s alphabetical.

I know there’s good stuff being self-published/published by indies, but the truth is, if it’s published by a Big 5 publisher there’s more people looking at it to make sure it’s the best it can be before the readers get their hands on it. And that makes a difference to me (sometimes). Also, if it’s published by HarperCollins, I know I’m more likely to be approved on Edelweiss/NetGalley for it, so I tend to get overexcited and add a bunch of these.

If your summary talks about characters who are: fat, ace/aspec, witchy, queer, biromantic/bisexual, band geeks, spies, basically anything like me (except the witchy and spies, which sadly I am not), I am 110% more likely to pick it up!

Sometimes I just see a book and I’m like- that one. I’ll have that one please. No rhyme or reason other than whimsy.

So what things make you pick up a book? Are you as judgy as I am about book covers? Let me know in the comments!

Reading this book contributed to these challenges:

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