Three Truths, One Lie | January 9, 2021

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Happy Saturday and welcome to Three Truths, One Lie (previously Vague Recollections), a new bookish meme hosted by Kait Plus Books (hey, that’s me!) where every week readers band together to find books based on four simple facts- but one of them is a lie!

The Rules

Below are four statements about a book.

Three of them are true, and one is a lie.

Can you find the lie and guess the book? 

For at least the first few weeks, I’ll only be choosing books that were published before July 2020 to make sure that people have a chance to have heard about the book.

  1. This book is about a musician.
  2. The cover has a girl with sunglasses on it.
  3. It’s very queer.
  4. It takes place in space.

Any ideas on what book this is? Or which statement isn’t true?

Leave a comment with your guess(es) below and I’ll let you know when you get it right!

Good luck!

(The answer is here if you absolutely have to know right now!)

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