About Kait

I’m Kait. I love lemon candy, books, and color palettes.


Learning how to code websites was like learning magic for me. I remember when I was very young, maybe six years old, sitting at my dad’s computer and trying to build my own website. Like most six year olds, I did not have the skills or the knowledge to create a website. It wasn’t long until I grew frustrated and moved on to other activities. Fast forward to March of 2016, when I saw a link on Facebook telling me I could make over a thousand dollars in less than a year with HTML and CSS skills. Curious, I followed the link and three months later I completed my first Skillcrush Career Blueprint.

Screenshots of Interactive Book Finder and Books 2016


Since starting Skillcrush, I have worked on several projects for the Rochester Public Library Children’s Room in Rochester, New Hampshire. The first was the Interactive Book Finder, which helps middle grade students find a great book with fun questions and then leads them directly to the library catalog entry for that book. More recently, I researched and implemented the Great Reading Adventure for our Summer Reading Program. In my spare time, I’ve also created a visual representation of my reading habits in 2016. One of my goals is to turn this page into a sortable archive in the future. You can check out more of my projects here.