Kait, smiling (normal), and without glasses (unusual)

I’m Kait. I love lemon candy, books, and color palettes.


Learning how to code websites was like learning magic for me. I remember when I was very young, maybe six years old, sitting at my dad’s computer and trying to build my own website. Like most six year olds, I did not have the skills or the knowledge to create a website. It wasn’t long until I grew frustrated and moved on to other activities. Fast forward to March of 2016, when I saw a link on Facebook telling me I could make over a thousand dollars in less than a year with HTML and CSS skills. Curious, I followed the link and three months later I completed my first Skillcrush Career Blueprint.

Screenshots of Interactive Book Finder and Books 2016


Since starting Skillcrush, I have worked on several projects for the Rochester Public Library Children’s Room in Rochester, New Hampshire. The first was the Interactive Book Finder, which helps middle grade students find a great book with fun questions and then leads them directly to the library catalog entry for that book. More recently, I researched and implemented the Great Reading Adventure for our Summer Reading Program. In my spare time, I’ve also created a visual representation of my reading habits in 2016. One of my goals is to turn this page into a sortable archive in the future. You can check out more of my projects here.




Skillcrush’s perfect example of a design comp. You send me something like this, I build you a website!

This is how I work with you: I start with your designs* in PSD form and code them into fully responsive web sites. Depending on your needs, I may hand code or use a CMS to bring your project to life. Communication is key before, during, and after the project.

*Although I can do basic design myself, it’s kind of like asking your high school English teacher to teach you fractions. Totally possible, but not the best option. If you would like recommendations for a designer, please let me know! There are many talented designers looking for projects just like yours. 

Okay. Now that you have an idea of who I am and what I do, it’s time for me to learn more about you! Fill out the form below, or send me an email at hello [at] kaitgoodwin [dot] com with the subject heading ‘New Project’ and include your name and contact information (email works best!), your website url, your budget for the project, any starting dates or deadlines you have, and a summary of what you’re looking for.

I hope that answers all your questions! If not, feel free to email me what you want to know and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Well Wishes & Candy Fishes,



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