Top Five Reasons to Read The Three Dark Crowns series by Kendare Blake

Time for a review of some books that have been sitting on my TBR for far too long: Three Dark Crowns and One Dark Throne by Kendare Blake! Today’s review also comes with a bonus rec of The Young Queens, which is a prequel novella for the series and is also AMAZING.

They’re dark. I feel like I should have read this as soon as I finished And I Darken by Kiersten White, because the tone of these books are VERY similar. I loved how the book didn’t shy away from it’s completely brutal plot, and instead just WENT IN FOR IT.

The characters. Mirabella, Arsinoe, Jules, Joeseph, Billy, and Katharine (the original, at least) are all characters that I absolutely ADORED. I also LOVED seeing the younger versions of several of them in The Young Queens! It was really great to see how they’ve grown up and changed (or not).


The mythology of it! There’s this mysterious island where magic is a thing, but beyond that it sounds like our world? I know the magical island is obviously more fun for plot and stuff, but now I’m super curious about the mainland! Like, it sounds like something like our world in the 1800’s or so, so I’m wondering how it will play out in future books.


[spoiler]The new Katharine!!!! I’m still not 100% sure I buy that it was just the ~spirits~ of the old queens that changed her. I think it had something to do with her dying and the spirits actually taking over her body. I miss the old Katharine (poor sweet thing), but this new one sure makes for some lovely plot![/spoiler]

What gets you really excited to read books? The plot, the characters, the genre? Let me know in the comments!

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