What’s Next? | September 15, 2016

It’s up to you!

Whatโ€™s Next is a Bookish Meme hosted by Icey Books. Even though I wrote a list a week ago of the books I’m going to read and the order I need to read them in, I’m already itching to switch things up. So this week, I’m basing my next book entirely on what you vote for!

Here are the options:


[book-info title=”Nice Girls Endure” author=”Chris Struyk-Bonn” number=”1″]

[book-info title=”How to Disappear” author=”Ann Redisch Stampler” number=”2″]

[book-info title=”TimeKeeper” author=”Tara Sim” number=”3″]

[book-info title=”Ink and Bone” author=”Rachel Caine” number=”4″]

[book-info title=”The Edge of Juniper” author=”Lora Richardson” number=”5″]

[book-info title=”Naming the Stars” author=”Susan Koefod” number=”6″]

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Well Wishes & Candy Fishes,
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